SEO based in London, UK

Where do you work?

I currently work as a Senior SEO Strategist for Edit; an award-winning Data Science, Technology, CRM and Media agency with offices in London, Leeds and Bath.

What about your previous experience?

My first job in digital came in 2011, when I landed a Digital Marketing Executive role with OKO Digital; a family-ran online marketing agency based on the South Coast. My previous experience with blogging and social media (mostly via ad-hoc work and being in bands) was enough to get my foot in the door. Over the next two years I cut my teeth in various aspects of digital, including social media, PPC, website monetisation and content creation. It was the SEO however, particularly off-page and link building, that took up most my time and really interested me.

At the end of 2013 I was taken on as an SEO Campaign Delivery Manager with Vertical Leap; one of the largest digital agencies based on the South Coast, where I focused solely on all aspects of SEO. It was my year and a half at Vertical Leap that really honed my knowledge and skill set, not just in SEO, but client communications, time management, strategy planning and everything in between.

In 2015, after a decade of living in Portsmouth, I decided to relocate and move closer to my family in my home county of Suffolk. I started working at Further in July 2015, where I was the lead SEO on one of the business’s largest accounts, overseeing the international SEO of two well-known antivirus software products as well as one of the biggest names in VPN/proxy services.

After just over a year and a half of the painful A140 commute I was tired and exhausted, and made the call to find a job within easier travelling distance. StrategiQ were the agency whom answered by prayers, where I spent another year and a half of my career SEOing.

When 2018 came around, I found myself at yet another relocation cross road; this time to make the jump into the Big Smoke and live with my partner. I let my employer know it was 100% on the cards and went on gut instinct that my professional network was now strong enough to find something within my notice period. In what I believe to be somewhat fate, Stephen Kenwright tweeted an SEO job opening in Edit’s London office 2 days later. Formerly named Branded3, I knew of the agency’s solid reputation. On top of that, I also already knew a few staff members in their ranks I respected, so it was an opportunity too good to miss. I successfully applied and found myself sat in their London office working on some juicy clients from August 2018.

I’ve been published several respected marketing and SEO platforms over the years, including Moz and SEMrush to name a couple. On top of that, I recently gave my first ever industry talk at Manyminds’ Give It A Go Conference.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I’ve worked on SEO projects for one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains, a Fortune 100 insurance company, a well-known antivirus provider with over 200 million active users globally, one of the UK’s leading eyebrow beauty treatments, an established UK high street book store, a big player in bus airport transfers, a children’s theatre arts school with over 600 locations UK-wide, various eCommerce stores and a historic naval war ship.

Not bad, aye?

What do you like about SEO?

If you had to ask me what area of SEO I find most interesting, I’d have to say finding new opportunities or keyword gaps to capitalise on en masse. I’m also a sucker for creative link building tips.