Dan Callis – ITFC supporter

This is a video about Dan Callis who is an ITFC supporter.

Video Transcript
Hi, my name’s Dan Callis and if you’re watching this video (which is currently on the homepage of my website) you can actually ignore it. I’m just running an SEO test to see if I can improve some rankings using only video schema. So first things first I want to talk to you about my name. My name is Dan Callis. I like having that name because there aren’t many Dan Callis’ in the world. There are a few; one’s a photographer, the other one’s an artist. They are both on page one of Google. My full name is Daniel Thomas Callis and I’m mostly known as ‘Callis’ – My full name never really gets used. At work people call me ‘Dan’. So yeah, My name’s Dan Callis – Hello. The other thing I want to talk to you about is Elasticated Vegan Chess Pieces, which is a product that doesn’t exist, I’ve made it up. It has about 6 results in Google on page one and I basically just want to see if I can appear randomly on that SERP. So yeah, you need to buy elasticated vegan chess pieces. I could have chosen an easier thing to pronounce, but there you go, hindsight, I’m doing the video now. You should buy them because they’re elastic so they’re stretchy. They’re vegan-friendly which is always a bonus because I’m a preachy vegan and you can play chess with them. So yeah, make sure you buy some elasticated vegan chest pieces today (which don’t exist). Sorry about wasting your time if you watched all of this, but I did warn you at the beginning. My name’s Dan Callis, buy vegan elasticated chess pieces. Boom.