How to write words with your head – A guest post by Joel Klettke

ED: Joel Klettke is from Canada and is a freelance writer, operating under the business alias of Business Casual Copywriting.

Recently I saw him open his services up on Twitter, alongside a sample of his work, for a fee I couldn’t refuse.

A chance to have Joel, a marketer I have followed online and valued the opinion of for many years, write a post on my blog for just FIVE CANADIAN DOLLARS?! You had me at your PayPal link.

So, without further to do, I hand you over to Joe, who will no doubt amaze and astound you with his in-depth knowledge of content marketing for the purpose of improving CRO and engagement…

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ED: Thank you for your fantastic contribution Joel. I hope you, as a reader, also enjoyed it.


Dan Callis has been working in SEO since 2011. In that time he has been published on Moz and SEMrush, as well as delivering SEO talks for conferences and businesses. He has previously worked with Vertical Leap, StrategiQ, Branded3, Further and Netmums.

Clients he has worked on include everything from international websites with millions of visitors per day to local websites targeting customers on their own doorstep.

Outside of work his interests include supporting ITFC, eating vegan junk food, being rubbish on a skateboard and playing in a crappy Punk band. His life long ambition is still to grow up to be a Ghostbuster.

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