About Dan Callis

Who the bloody hell are you?!

My full name is Daniel Thomas Callis, although most people call me just “Callis”, and I am a 32 year old Suffolk exhile currently living in West London

You do SEO?

Yep. I offer freelance SEO services on both ad-hoc and retained basis.

I’ve been working in SEO since 2011. I’ve also dabbled in other areas of digital marketing such as PPC, social media and content over the years, but technical SEO is my specialism.

If you’d like to find out more about my online marketing experience, please head over to my SEO page.

What about your video work?

Dan Callis - Freelance Videographer

I no longer do video work, which I have explained over on my video page.

Over the years I worked some some fairly cool things though, including multiple music videos with online plays in the tens of thousands, and filming acts such as Katy B and Charlotte Church live from the main stage at Victorious Festival.

If you’d like to find out more about my time offering video services and see my previous work, please head over to my Callis Makes Films page.

But that’s all professional stuff to make you sound awesome, tell me more about who you really are.

Dan Callis on holiday in Spain, representing ITFC

I’m a huge Ipswich Town FC supporter of 20+ years with a season ticket in the SBR stand. I also enjoy doing a handful of away games every season and have visited over 50 football grounds within the UK.

I’m big into music and I’ve been in a handful of bands over the last decade, my current project being some Punk Rock noise under the guise of Cheap Heat. You’ll often find me at a show or scanning the depths of Last FM to find something new to please my ears.

Not long ago, I decided to try recapturing my youth by means of skateboarding. My legs ain’t what they used to be, but it’s still just as fun. I still occasionally watch pro-wrestling despite being an adult, and enjoy retro gaming & vinyl. I am also a proud vegan who can reference a Simpsons quote in almost any given scenario.

Need to know anything else? Sure thing, please get in touch via my contact page. Cheers.