“I make things appear higher in Google” – Dan Callis explaining his job to his Mum.

Hi, My name is Dan Callis. I’m a freelance SEO based in Suffolk, and this is my website.

This site originally existed as a domain connected to a Tumblr account where I’d share my creative stuff, thinking it would be a great platform to pick up reblogs and get my work out there – I soon realised Tumblr is actually the place where teenagers go to look deep/interesting whilst plagiarising everything and anything they come into contact with. What a waste of time and effort that was.

After joining the SEO industry in 2011 and becoming a “respected professional”, I decided it was time to sack off Tumblr and use said domain to play around with WordPress.

These days, this site serves primarily to give me a personal brand presence so I can rank in Google for my name when other professionals try and look me up. There’s another Dan Callis who is an artist and another one who does photography I believe also taking up page one. Don’t get me wrong, you guys both have great names and I’m sure if we ever met up at a Dan Callis Convention for a drink we’d get along like a house on fire, but budge up and give me some of that SERP space please? There’s room for us all you know.

Alongside that I use this site to blog things, be it my opinions on certain online marketing matters, or general stupidity around my life/interests that no one else in their right mind would want to read let alone publish.

I also use this site to run SEO-related experiments every now and then. Chances are I’ve edited a few page elements or content pieces at one point and forgot to change them back after I gathered the results. If you do see anything on this site that is broken or out of place try not to judge me. If you are feeling really nice you could even send me a message to tell me what you’ve spotted so I can fix it.

But yeah, as I said earlier, my name is Dan Callis and this is my website. You may like it, you may not. Laters.